Organic Soothing Foot Treatment

30 minutes - $40

Organic Soothing Foot Treatment

The Soothing Foot Treatment is a great way to:

  • Calm your body, mind, and spirit with Aromatherapy
  • Relax the muscles in your feet and legs
  • Relieve cramping and muscle spasms
  • Soothe and soften your feet
  • Detoxify skin and underlying tissue
  • Exfoliate dead skin
  • Remove rough spots
  • Increase circulation
  • Leave your feet looking and feeling their best
Organic Soothing Foot Treatment

Included in our Organic Soothing Foot Treatment:

  • Hot cup of tea
  • Relaxing foot soak with eucalyptus and peppermint
  • Foot massage with healing cream

Our relaxing foot treatment is a great add on to any service at Zama.

The Organic Soothing Foot Treatment at Zama begins with a cup of hot tea and a relaxing foot soak, treated with essential oils to enhance mood, clarify the mind and relOrganic Soothing Foot Treatmentieve tension. A eucalpytus peppermint muscle scrub exfoliates the feet and lower legs, followed by a stimulating foot massage with Zama’s own peppermint grapefruit healing cream.

If you are looking for a little extra attention for your feet and lower legs, this is the perfect service for you.

Bring a friend or loved one and enjoy quiet time together in our Garden Room with our couples organic soothing foot treatment. We use all organic products in our foot treatments. The San Francisco Salt Company provides our salts and scrubs and Zama’s Healing Cream is made only for us by Moxie Organix in Walla Walla, Wa.

Organic Soothing Foot Treatment

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