Our Top Ten Tips for Lymphatic Care

March 31, 2016
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If you aren't already aware of the importance of caring for your lymphatic system, now is definitely the time to up your lymphatic care routine.

The lymphatic system is a complex drainage system, which consists of lymph nodes, vessels, spleen, tonsils, and thymus. Our lymphatic system touches almost every part of the body. Although we may not feel or see it, it’s one of the most important (and often forgotten) systems of the human body. The lymph system removes waste from our cells while woman-698943_640regulating the immune system. Lymphatic flow creates optimal health.

We mostly notice our lymphatic system when it is clogged and overly taxed. Symptoms such as swelling, bloating, itchiness, weight gain, poor immunity, poor circulation, brain fog, stiffness, and feeling tired are all signs of a congested lymphatic system.

When we focus on creating lymphatic drainage and lymph flow we give our bodies a huge opportunity to release sluggish weight, cellulite, increase overall health, clear thinking, and energy. Sounds great right?! We have some awesome lymph care suggestions that we can support you with at Zama and from home.

Our top four favorite lymphatic care treatments at Zama are:Zama Massage and Therapeutic Portland OR

  1. Cupping- The ancient practice of cupping has been a favorite treatment for centuries for many reasons. Cupping rapidly helps soft tissue release while it loosens and lifts our connective tissue. This ancient practice breaks up and drains stagnation. Cupping increases blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles.
  2. Hydrafacial treatments- Most people love our Hydrafacials because of the massive beautifying results they get. What they don't often realize is that the Hydrafacial treatment includes lymphatic drainage across all the major points of the face, which increases circulation, blood flow and breaks up congestion. Lymph drainage in the face gives us an immune boost, releases swelling and inflammation, and optimizes our healthy and radiant shine.
  3. SwedishZama Massage and Therapeutic Portland OR Massage- In addition to effective lymphatic care, our Swedish Relaxation Massage can improve sleep quality, decrease anxiety, and increase your overall sense of well being. Stress reduction and deep relaxation are awesome benefits of this classic massage as well.
  4. Hot Stone Warm Cocoa Butter Pedicure- You may not think about your lymph system when you book this luxurious pedicure, however the hot stone treatment and massage of your lower legs is perfect for edema and swelling in the lower extremities. Detox and beautify at the same time with this circulatory delight!

Five more great lymphatic care protocols you can do at home are:

  1. Rebounding- Hop on a mini-trampoline for 10 to 30 minutes a few times a week and give your immune system and overall lymph system a huge boost. You won't make it far in your holistic well-being research without being prompted repeatedly to rebound. Rebounding is a super simple way to increase your vitality while increasing white blood count and detoxification. Motivate yourself with your favorite tunes and get your sweat on!
  2. Dry Skin Brushing- Another hot tip is to purchase a dry skin brush, which costs about $5 to $10, and takes about 3 minutes. You can find lots of great tutorials on youtube.com, however it really is easy. Simply pull out your dry skin brush just before you bath and brush every part of your skin, moving from your outer extremities towards your heart. Add circular motions to increase effectiveness.
  3. Lemon Water- Hydration is key to flush the lymph system regularly. One of the most common causes of lymph Lymphatic carecongestion is dehydration. Add lemon to increase cleansing and draining effect. Lemon is a stellar ingredient to stimulate liver and digestive function while aiding the lymphatic system. Add fresh lemon or lime to unsweetened cranberry juice for an even more powerful lymphatic cleanse.
  4. Legs Up the Wall- This simple inversion is an awesome self-help practice. Simply lay down press your bottom against the wall while pressing the backs of your legs and heals on the wall. By reversing the flow of gravity in your legs, you circulate the lymphatic fluid and encourage the elimination of toxins.
  5. Deep Breathing- Lymphatic deep breathing creates pressure and expansion that helps pump lymphatic fluid. Deeply breath through your diaphragm to aid in creating lymphatic flow. Added benefits will be reduced stress, clear thinking, and even a smile.

Be sure to book a lymph loving appointment with us online or call 503-281-0278 to speak with our Spa Concierge!

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