Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

August 1, 2016
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You have likely heard that deep tissue massage is the number one go-to massage for injury, pain relief, and sports related discomfort. Studies say that back pain is the number one reason for missed work and that low back pain is the leading cause for disability. It's no wonder that deep tissue massage is our most requested service at Zama!

We know that deep tissue massage is effective and loved by our clients. Today we would like to share with you the benefits of deep tissue massage that might just surprise you.

Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

1. Improved Blood Pressure.

Deep tissue massage has a powerful and taming affect on mental stress and physical tension. Many people actually see a drop in their overall blood pressure after they receive a massage. In addition to stress and tension relief, deep tissue massage boosts serotonin, which is the hormone that makes you feel happy. After having one of these stress reduction and happy producing powerhouse massages, you will definitely walk away with a spring in your step and less worried now that your blood pressure is lower.

deep tissue massage benefits2. Increased Muscle Strength and Flexibility.

The technique of deep tissue massage manually stretches muscle fibers, which helps to increase flexibility. For athletes and non-athletes alike, contracted and stiff muscles inhibit strengthening and circulation. In order to increase or build strength, help your muscles relax and extend for best results. Contracted, over-used, and under-used muscles leave the body prone to weakness and injury. We encourage regular deep tissue massage as it promotes balanced muscle strengthening and flexibility.

3. Better Sleep.

We all know that a good night's rest creates clearer thinking, healing, recuperation, and boosts optimal health. Unfortunately, excessive numbers of adults get inadequate sleep. Lack of sleep leads to a whole host of health problems. Nutrition and exercise are key to a good night's rest, however deep tissue massage has been reported to actually improve the quantity and quality of sleep.

4. Weight Loss.

We love this one! Studies show that deep tissue massage contributes to improved metabolism and fat reduction. Receive massage in the area with excess fat accumulation and it will break up the fat stores, making it ready for absorption inside the body. Deep tissue massage encourages lymphatic flow and circulation, which aid in detoxification and weight loss as well. Combined with a good exercise regimen and a natural whole foods diet, massage can help reduce excess fat and weight in your body.

5. Emotional Healing

Sash Zama Massage Web-256 Many people report having an emotional release, a big cry, mental and energetic shifts, while receiving deep body work. Past experiences and traumas are stored not only in our mind and memories, but in our bodies too. Massage can help release not only physical pain, but emotional pain too. You do not need to worry about feeling over-exposed or out of place if this happens. Massage therapists are trained to maintain a safe and confidential space for their clients to release and heal.

Book a massage appointment today. Booking a massage appointment at Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa gives you one on one time with a licensed and trained massage therapist who will answer your specific concerns as well as give you tips on how you can further treat yourself at home. CLICK HERE to see our massage menu.

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