Why You Should Be Foam Rolling

June 28, 2017
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We highly recommend that you incorporate foam rolling into your wellness routine.

As much as we'd love to give you a massage everyday, we know it is not practical for you to get into to see your massage therapist as much as your body needs. Foam rolling, also called myofascial release, is a set of exercises performed with either a foam roller, lacrosse ball, Theracane, or your own hands. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to speed the recovery of muscles and bring your body into a more relaxed and loosened state.

Why Foam Rolling Works:

Regularly using a foam roller offers many of the same benefits as massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. Essentially, foam rolling allows the user to apply pressure to the exact spots on their body that needs the attention. Foam rolling compresses the fascia which in turn provides circulation and breaks up scar tissue in overly used areas of the body.

How you can learn to use a foam roller:

foam rollingOur first recommendation is to get instructions from your massage therapist, trainer, or personal wellness expert. Someone that is working directly with you can give you the most pertinent instructions for your unique body and physical experience. Look for classes at your local gym or yoga studio to increase your overall knowledge. The internet, of course, is a great reference. Here at Zama, our therapists are prepared to give their clients foam rolling tips and we sell foam rollers, tigger point balls, and Theracanes right in our spa boutique.

More Foam Rolling Benefits:

In addition to increased flexibility, recovery, and circulation, there are a whole host of foam rolling benefits. Remember, foam rolling gives you the same benefits as massage! You can expect improved immunity, athletic recovery, decreased soreness, and better performance.

We recommend foam rolling before your workout of choice. You will find that you get more out of your training when you roll your muscles in advance. Whether you're a yogi, runner, or cross fitter, lengthening your hamstrings, gluteus muscles, and opening your hips via a foam roller will help you get into your optimal performance zone much faster.

Other considerations for athletes:

Being an athlete is one of the most rewarding experiences at any age. Tuning into your body and using it to experience life fully improves health, happiness, and vitality. Athletic training is one form of self care, however adding in time for recovery, repair, and nutrition are important. You will get further faster by tending to your holistic health.

In addition to foam rolling, we recommend massage, detox, Infrared Body Wraps, and hydration, hydration, hydration!

Happy training everyone! We are here to help your meet your goals and feel your best.

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