January is Free Cupping Month!

There is a reason why we provide our clients free cupping for the month of January!

Our gift to you this month is free cupping! Cupping is powerful for detoxification, lymphatic flow, and circulation.

We love how it gives our clients fast pain relief.

Lower back, joint, and muscle pain are often significantly reduced with cupping therapy. Some say thfree cuppingat cupping is the deepest form of deep tissue therapy, penetrating 4 inches deep into the fascia. Due to increased blood flow and release, the pain relief is often immediate.

Cupping has been popular amongst many holistic health consumers for years. The Rio 2016 Olympics brought cupping into the mainstream! Cupping isn’t just for athlete’s though, nearly everyone can benefit.

This incredible therapy not only provides pain relief and supports athletic recovery. It improves digestion and immunity, while helping decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Get a free cupping enhancement with any massage anytime during January.

Enjoy! We want to help you feel renewed and restored.