CBD relieves pain and inflammation.

Evidence suggests that cannabinoids may reduce pain by suppressing neuronal transmission in pain pathways. Those suffering from chronic pain from diseases like fibromyalgia and M.S. are finding relief with CBD. Taking CBD can offer pain relief and can even prevent nervous system degeneration. Because CBD doesn’t cause dependence or tolerance, it is safer for pain than opioids.

CBD can be used for many common aches and pains everywhere from athletic wear and tear, to women's cyclical discomforts, joint pain, to injuries and chronic pain issues. CBD has been used for medical purposes dating all the way back to the 19th century when Queen Victoria would use cannabidiol for menstrual pain.

CBD can reduce anxiety and depression.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression affects 6% and anxiety affects 18% of the U.S. population each year. Research shows that CBD oil can help with both.

Patients found that when taking CBD in tincture form, relief from anxiety and depression is experienced in as little as 20 minutes if taken on an empty stomach. Because CBD is new to the medical field and still emerging in popularity, standard dosing practices have not been established.

Consult your doctor to determine if CBD might be a good complement to your treatment protocol and to establish a dosing protocol.

CBD may improve skin conditions.

One of CBD's superpowers is that it combats oxidative stress and protects against free radical damage. CBD shows the potential to slow down the aging process by improving the production of collagen and acting as a protective agent against damage from inflammation and free radicals.

Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, CBD has shown the potential to enhance skin repair and reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

CBD oil can be used topically to treat skin conditions. Studies show CBD oil has a high potential for treating skin conditions like eczema by encouraging abnormal cell death. It can also help regulate the skin’s oil production, reducing acne. CBD also contains many nutrients like vitamin E that help improve and protect the skin.

We are currently researching CBD skin care lines and protocols for CBD facials. Stay tuned for Zama's Signature CBD Facial!

CBD benefits your sleep.

Because CBD can reduce anxiety, it can be helpful in promoting quality sleep. Addressing anxiety helps reduce sleep difficulties and improves sleep quality. CBD may increase overall sleep amounts, and improve insomnia, according to research. CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia in people who suffer from chronic pain.

In smaller doses, CBD stimulates alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness, which is important for daytime performance and for the strength and consistency of the sleep-wake cycle.

Improving sleep helps our overall health in a myriad of ways, including weight management, slowing down aging, immunity, mental health, pain management and proper cognitive function.

CBD promotes better health in a myriad of ways!

As we noted earlier, our understanding of how the endocannabinoid system works to regulate our CNS, PNS and immune systems is rapidly growing. There are many more studied CBD benefits, including weight management, cancer suppression, anti-pyschotic, seizure prevention, lower incidences of diabetes and promotion of overall well-being.

We recommend doing your research and staying up-to-date on new studies, as with the legal changes of cannabis are still in effect, its market has grown and diversified. New studies and reports are emerging daily. Our understanding of how to use it effectively will only continue to expand.


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