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Post Pandemic Wellness

The importance of self-care became much more evident to us all during the struggles of the pandemic. Navigating what was happening both in our inner and outer worlds, became particularly challenging. Maybe in previous times self care was seen as optional and more of a seasoning then a main ingredient. Now self-care is a way of life and essential to our overall mental, emotional and physical well being.
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HydraFacial Gift Card Special

Melt away the years with our HydraFacial Series Gift Card Special! 3-Express HydraFacials for only $360! That is $102 savings! Offer good from July 1 through July 31 extended to September 30! Keep all three gift cards for yourself or split them up and give as gifts! Purchase HERE! In a fast pace world full of stress and environmental toxins
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Instant Refresh

Our June Special, the Instant Refresh, combines our Express HydraFacial & Deep Tissue Massage for only $215. Give your body exactly what it needs for the demands of the upcoming summer months!
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