Salt Caves and Your Respiratory Health

August 1, 2021
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Could salt caves be the secret to respiratory health?

Respiratory HealthThere is a lot of talk these days on how to maintain health and an abundance of resources for us to choose from.  A question we must ask ourselves is: what should be most important when it comes to our health care regimen? When thinking about what is essential to our overall health, the respiratory system should be at the top of our list. Due to a variety of factors, our respiratory system can become sluggish, compromised by air pollutants, allergens, smoke, viruses and bacteria. It makes sense for us to find ways to actively promote healthy lungs and respiratory health. Here at Zama we have found a secret to lung vitality. We provide this ancient technique for you to enjoy, as the only salt cave Halotherapy resource in the state of Oregon and in the Portland metro area!

Our breath connects us to everything.

Our life force, our consciousness and our entire bodily system are all intimately reliant on our breath. The breaths we take and the quality of the air we take in provides interconnection to all things. Simply put without air we would not exist. The body's ability to process and detoxify through our lung capacity is essential. Fighting off infection and viruses is something that has been on all of our minds. There are natural ways, and techniques to promote healthy respiratory systems, that are waiting for us to discover. Yes, we all know that everything is connected to breath, but do we take the time to take care of how we breathe? Could salt caves be the secret to respiratory health? 

Timeless options for respiratory health.

One timeless option to overall lung and body health can be found in Himalayan salt caves. The use of salt caves dates back to ancient Egypt. We even find writings cited back to 1843 in Poland. A polish doctor noted the lower rates of lung disease in salt miners compared to the general population. These salt particles that get absorbed into the lungs have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties! All that to say when looking for new ways to attain health, it's worthwhile to look back into history. Let's take a glance at how these timeless options have worked for hundreds, even thousands of years.

How do these salt caves work here at Zama?

So how does this ancient therapy work in a modern day spa? Could salt caves be the secret to respiratory health? We use exclusive technology to bring the highest quality salt cave experience to you. In this highly effective process, salt vapor enters the lungs through breath, emitted from a silent halogenerator. This state-of-the-art system releases micro-sized salt particles into the room. You then breathe these particles deeply into your lungs, and in turn, your lungs open and expand. These deep breaths of ionized salt, decrease inflammation and simultaneously remove toxicity from the respiratory system. Clean lungs equal increased oxygen intake, increased energy and an improved immune system. Who wouldn’t want all that? 

Skin secrets from the essence of salt and vast health benefits.

Salt holds secrets for the skin. Halotherapy improves the function and appearance of the skin by bolstering up the outer derma layers. Microparticles of salt affect the skin's protective layer, by increasing skin rigidity. It also promotes hair growth and skin regeneration.

Halotherapy is beneficial to those that suffer from asthma, allergies and bronchitis, as well as skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Clinical studies have shown that patients have been able to reduce their use of medications, hospital visits and frequency of asthma and allergy attacks through the use of salt therapy.

Halothereapy is also recommended for healthy people, as it boosts the immune system and helps to control the pollutants, dust, and bacteria in our environment. Not only does Halotherapy give us skin secrets from the essence of salt, it hosts an array of benefits for the whole being!

Zama has set the stage for you to rejuvenate.

Imagine entering into an ambient lit salt cave. You can choose from an array of massage techniques such as deep tissue, sports or Swedish to name a few. As you breathe in deeply, the health benefits of ionized salt enters your lungs and rejuvenates your entire body. Inside and out, you will feel the salt cave affect all your senses, decreasing tension and stress while eradicating the body of unwanted toxins. The stage is set for you to rejuvenate and experience the healing benefits of salt caves here at Zama Massage & Spa. Check our salt room services here and book your appointment today!

Amp up your respiratory health! Your health and well-being is worth the investment!

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