Hyper Wellness & 2022 Health Trends

January 15, 2022
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Hyper Wellness will be the #1 Wellness trend of 2022!

Growing awareness of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing over the last few years has transformed the health industry. It’s no surprise that the health trends of 2022 all point toward prevention rather than management of illness and disease. The trend of “hyper wellness” has emerged among the seemingly fractured health climate. “Hyper Wellness” is the practice of seeking optimal balance of energy, well-being and focus. The challenges of these last few years have solidified the collective's need to learn and utilize preventative measures. Optimal health has more value than ever. The collective will continue to be placed at the forefront of our culture.

New generations find fresh ways to attain health.

Younger generations have felt underserved in some way by the traditional western medical model. As a result, they have searched for new ways to attain health. These ways of finding balance have inspired many to return to nature, a sense of self and create a new definition of well-being. This approach takes the focus off traditionalHyper Wellness doctors and places more emphasis on understanding one’s body and seeking out personalized gurus for the needs of the whole person. Traditional methods of medicine and health care have taken on a different meaning. Individuals are taking charge of their health before there are severe issues that need medical attention.

Personalized health gurus emerge.

Osteopaths, fitness coaches, massage therapists and yoga practitioners all have found a space in the wellness field, filling the massive need for stress reduction and health awareness. Emotional balance, mindfulness and proper sleep have been more important and recognized now more than ever. As we move forward, we simultaneously seem to move inward to tried and true ways of finding homeostasis within ourselves with the help of modern technology. From sensors that can track your stress levels to visits to salt therapy rooms, people now more than ever are open to the possibilities of multiple ways of attaining health.

Creativity and personalized wellness plans are the trend.

People are excited at the idea of personalizing everything in 2022. Now more than ever people are in touch with their needs, mentally, emotionally and physically. This new sense of self branches out into all that surrounds us. Whether it’s a unique piece of artwork in your home, or a piece of high-tech furnitureHyper Wellness that simplifies your life, the trend is all about personal needs! Bringing a sense of creativity and curiosity to augmenting the wellness path has created a slew of new wellness rituals.

The spa scene is not just about “pampering.”

The spa has now become a trusted resource for the most up to date treatments and products available. In the past, spas have been known as only a place of “pampering” for the elite.  Spas are now seen as a haven of resources and a mecca of treatments to fit the individual unique prototype.

$1.5 trillion dollars estimated to be spent on wellness in 2022.

The global wellness market is estimated in 2022 at more than $1.5 trillion. This indicates that these last couple of years has caused morehimalayan salt stone and more people to take their overall health more seriously, in the form of preventative measures.

As we move forward in our awareness new therapies have emerged as well as the renewal of interest in ancient healing modalities.

Traditional yoga that has dated back over thousands of years makes its way into our modern technology with an app for face yoga. The Chinese used acupuncture as their most trusted form of healing disease much in the way that western medicine uses surgery, now you can find acupuncture and acupressure at wellness centers around the country. Salt therapy emerged over 400 years ago and has made its way into spas as a treatment. Halotherapy treatments are excellent for lung health, skin health and offer an array of benefits by using modern technology to ionize salt particles to be absorbed by one’s body through the lungs.

The awareness of ancient treatments combined with modern technology lifts our ability to optimize our health. This trend brings the true issue at hand to focus: our holistic health and how to maintain it.

Self-worth on the forefront of the health and wellness scene.

We are currently less focused on outward things to stimulate our self-worth. This time in the world has created questions in all of us. What is important? How do I feel?  How am I doing mentally, physically, emotionally?

With less fluff in the world to create a false sense of self-worth or security we begin to look inward for answers. What makes us safe, healthy, well? Our personal comfort zones have been pushed to their limits. This leads to the realization that happiness and health come from within. This inside job takes care, self- love, reflection and a real sense of valuing oneself. When we value ourselves, we drink water, we sleep, we eat well, we think well.

Practices that support healthy living.

There are many practices that support Hyper Wellness and it is unique for all of us. This is why personalized gurus have emerged. From Wimhoff breathing techniques to guided meditation there are countless ways for people to reduce stress. Returning to our center and focusing on our human health in a fast-paced stress filled world provides impactful results.Hyper Wellness

Challenges bring opportunity.

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for all of us to sit with ourselves. We are beginning to really check in with where we are at on all levels of our health and wellbeing. This has created a returning to inward awareness of intuition. More and more are actively pursuing practices around listening more to the sound of their own internal rhythm. The trend of Hyper Wellness in 2022 is an opportunity to explore preventative measures with an overall well-being focus.

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Check out all we have to offer that meet and exceed the wellness trends of 2022!

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