Neck Pain and Management

March 15, 2022
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Learn more about how our emotions and stress cause neck pain and how to manage the discomfort.

How the neck feels is a direct reflection of how much tension we are under. The tightening of the neck is directly related to how well we handle stress and how tension shows up in our body. When overwhelmed, “the weight of the world” is on our shoulders. Stress can manifest in muscle tension and blocked energy due to our emotional state. Fast-paced high-stress lifestyles add to neck tension making it hard to keep up with neck pain prevention. Neck pain management has many options as the source of neck pain is multi-faceted. In order to heal and prevent neck tension we need to find the root causes and address why pain is landing in our necks.

How our necks connect the body and mind.

The neck is the connecting channel between the body andNeck Pain Management the mind, it’s the vital pathway of life. The information passed through this space of the body is immense! The neck is the center not only of our mind-body connection, but it also holds the powerful portal of expression. It holds the space we use to emit vibrations of sound and connection with other humans. Our neck holds the sacred space of speaking our truth and manifestations. It is no wonder many of us feel tension in this vital part of the body. Creative expression, verbal expressions and emotional expression pass through and are held in the neck. The vibrational quality of our emotions and words influences neck tension.

Our 5th chakra.

The throat chakra is a powerful energy center of the body that resides in the neck. This energy center also called the Vishuddha meaning “especially pure” governs the mouth, tongue and neck along with the thyroid and ears. It relates to the ability to communicate and to speak inner truthNeck Pain Management. Many of us find it very difficult to express ourselves. When out of balance, one might have difficulty expressing ones desires and needs. We may feel tension in the throat. When authentic expression comes easily and naturally this is a sign that the throat chakra is in balance. Signs of imbalance may be gossiping, dominating conversations, difficulty listening, neck pain and hormone fluctuation that relates to the thyroid. The energetic imprint of our words thoughts and emotions affects our neck, influencing neck pain.

Getting to the root cause.

If neck pain is not directly related to injury or overuse, it could reflect our energetic state. Inflexibility and physical stiffness can reflect mental rigidity. Neck stiffness can be related to too much screen time or poor posture due to office set-up. Anger and resentment are toxic emotions that tend to land in the neck area and create pain and stiffness. Pain in this part of the body can be related to our difficulty to fulfill our wishes, a disconnect from what we think and what we do.

The emotions related to the neck.

Injustice, humiliation, a desire to change other people are just some of the thought patterns and emotions that lend to a neck full of tension and pain. Maintaining a flexible internal attitude is key to neck mobility. As a result, being able to see all aspects of a situation without fear or judgment is key to a healthy neck. The neck represents flexibility, security and knowledge. It turns to view all aspects of the physical world, just as we view all aspects of our life. Flexible minds lead to flexible necks.

Learning to listen to the body.

The neck is an area of great sensitivity since everything essential to life passes through it. The body keeps the score of all that we experience. We often take the time to work on the mind, to change our perspective. Many of us lack the insight necessary to release negative emotion from the physical nature of our bodies. A great Chinese proverb states, “Any illness is an opportunity and not a judgement. The purpose of the disease is to lead the man to himself.” Neck pain is a guidepost that something is out of balance, we must learn to hear the whispers of our bodies before they become screams.

Recovering physical and emotional health.

Lucky for us we live in a time where great importance is placed on health and not only physical health but mental, emotional and spiritual health. Considering other perspectives and points of view fosters safety and knowledge, which in turn allows the neck to recover natural flexibility. Yoga, meditation, dancing and singing all help the throat chakra open and neck mobility increase. Acupuncture, massage and cupping decrease inflammation and physically rid the body of toxins and blockages that create unhealthy necks.

Mother earth’s remedies.

Herbal supplements to treat pain have been used for thousands of years. Lavender, Kudzu and Devil’s claw help ease neck pain and tight muscles. CBD and Arnica decrease inflammation and block pain receptors naturally. Menthol and Camphor increase blood circulation to the affected area and produce a warm or cold feeling that soothes and relaxes. St. John’s Wort has been used for centuries to treat many conditions including depression and neck pain. St. John’s Wort has anti-inflammatory properties and may be helpful for nerve-pain.

A day at the Spa.

Massage is a popular way to literally rub inflammation out of the body. Muscles hold not only physical tension but emotional tension as well, so it's important to practice self-love. A deep tissue, Swedish or AshiatsuNeck Pain Management Oriental Bar Therapy are great ways to release neck pain and tight neck muscles. Massage add-ons that can assist the body in releasing pain can include CBD cream, Hot basalt stones and essential oil. Hot basalt stones promote deep muscle release.

Putting it all together.

Neck pain is multi-faceted and requires a broad approach to heal. Holistic approaches are not a quick fix, it recognizes all aspects of the human being and how to cultivate balance. At Zama Massage & Spa we take great care to bring you the highest quality products and techniques to release the body mind and spirit from unwanted tension and pain.  No matter what treatment you choose we tailor-make your experience to your specific needs!

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