Spring Detox Inside & Out

April 15, 2022
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It's time for your Spring detox!

Spring is here and the long winter is behind us. As the seasons change so do our needs, physically emotionally and spiritually. We are cleaning out our homes, getting rid of old things that we no longer need and in turn, we are renewed.  In the same way, it's important to “spring clean” our bodies, minds and emotions. It's time for a Spring detox! We have felt the effects of the tension these last few years, therefore we need to clear out the old energies of the past.  Let’s look at the easy ways we can improve our human experience through the act of detoxifying and cleansing.

Skin vibrancy in Spring.

The skin is the first part of the body to show signs of toxicity and the last to heal. A good gauge to evaluate the health of our internal bodies is to look at our skin. Moisture loss during winter is normal as the dry cold months take their toll on our moisture retention. Toxins and pollution also show on our skin as well as environmental damage. Drinking lots of water is essential to the supple vibrancy of the skin. Eating properly and getting enough rest is key for skin health as well as adding a powerful skin regimen. Find time to visit a professional esthetician and/or spa to discover the best facials and treatments available for your specific needs!

Our body's natural detox system.

Just as we spring clean our homes, minds and intentions, our bodies have a magnificent system to naturally detox the internal makings of our body. Our brilliant bodies has their own system to detox. Also, there are simple things we can do to aid in the process. Drinking plenty of water gives our livers what they needs to stay hydrated and flush toxins out. Find time to sweat, whether through exercise or saunas. Sweating is a great way to naturally enhance our body's detoxification system. Getting a good night’s sleep allows the body time to recover and renew while we rest. Stay away from inflammatory foods and help the liver by providing it with life-giving nutrients! Add probiotics to your daily regimen and you will enhance the body’s immune system and detoxing ability, through the power of the gut.

Foods that bring life to the body.

Spring DetoxThe closer you get to eating a natural diet that is minimally processed and full of nutrients the healthier you will be. Many of the toxins we ingest are through food and drink. With so many chemicals infiltrating our food systems, it’s important to find the best organic options that don’t overload the body with unnecessary chemicals.

We are what we eat, everything we take in becomes a building block for our bodies, in turn, these building blocks can either break down or build up our vitality. There are some superfoods that can help aid the body in detoxing: grapefruit, avocados, white tea, turmeric, asparagus, lemon water, salmon, sweet potatoes and spinach. These powerhouses are an easy way to help the body spring clean!

Spa innovation aid in detoxification.

Elite spas all over the country are providing top-of-the-line treatments to enhance the body’s ability to perform optimally. Leading-edge detox techniques include not only skin regimens but deep tissue release, lung health and reduction of inflammation.

Three top-of-the-line detox treatments worth your time and money are: Halotherapy, HydraFacials and Cupping.

Halotherapy provides leading-edge detox through ionized air particles!

Salt caves historically have been used to treat all kinds of conditions and ailments. In a salt cave small, ionized salt particles enter the lungs and literally “clean” the body. Modern technology has amped up the power of ionized salt to detoxify and cleanse the body inside and out! Salt particles also cleanse the skin and can improve conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne.

Halotherapy reduces inflammation of the airways and purges allergens and pollutants from the lungs, not to mention Hay fever, asthma and even chronic bronchitis! Spending time in a Salt cave can even relieve stress, tension, anxiety or depression. Halotherapy is smart to make part of your detox plan.

Check out HydraFacial skin technology.

HydraFacials have become the rage as the dual system exfoliates and hydrates at deep derma levels. A fresh face for spring is a bonus of a HydraFacial! Great for all skin types, Hydrafacials are not only highly effective at improving overall skin health, but also excellent for remedying: fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness and advanced signs of aging. Giving the skin the extra boost, it needs to slough off the old and hydrate the new is the goal of the HydraFacial. Zama provides this top-of-the-line treatment is essential for Spring renewal and we would love to have you come take advantage of what we offer! Book your next HydraFacial HERE.

Cupping releases toxins.

Cupping, an ancient Taoist practice that dates to the year 281 AD, is excellent for drawing out inflammation, which is the body’s natural response to toxins. Cups are used to increase local blood Spring detoxsupply to muscles which naturally detoxes the system. This ancient technique brings nourishment to the tissue and allows toxins to be carried away via the lymph nodes. Impurities, toxins, and dead blood cells are pulled to the surface of the skin. This increases blood circulation and oxygenation. In this process,  a fresh infusion of blood circulates throughout the cells. Detoxification, blood flow, and lymphatic circulation trigger a natural release of toxins. Cupping makes for a sought-after detox treatment! Learn more about cupping here!

Emotional release.

Take time to release old thought patterns and emotions through the art Spring detoxof breathwork and yoga. Breathing techniques have become a useful trend in aiding the nervous system. When we breathe deep and use intervals of holding the breath, we can achieve physical health, mental and emotional balance. The art of breathing connects us to the pulse of life. Breathwork relieves tension, anxiety and depression. Yoga provides the opportunity to center the mind and body. This ancient practice can open and align our body's natural systems to sink with wellness. Yoga can also trigger a deep release of emotions that may be trapped in the muscle tissue or inner workings of your metaphysical body. Take time to find the best techniques that fit your personal goals and needs.

Zama’s offerings.

As a top-of-the-line spa geared to meet the needs of our clients, we search for new ways to enhance your experience. Spring is a great time to honor the rebirth of life, not only in the earth around us but in our personal lives as well! Check out our HydraFacial Special and our Spring Clean Detox. We can help you leave the cold winter behind and move forward boldly into Spring!






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