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October 15, 2022
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Zama prides itself on bringing the community high end, medical grade, leading edge treatments. Providing the industry's trendiest and most effective services is what an urban spa strives for. Zama has always met those criteria and excelled into the realm of truly advanced healing services for its guests.

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa, voted Portland's top Spa (Willamette Week,) expands its services with Prism light pod, award-winning red light therapy sessions. Chiefly, Zama offers premier spa services and packages such as HydraFacialMD, Emininence Organic Facials and Therapeutic Foot Treatments. There are over ten different methods of massage ranging from Deep Tissue, Swedish to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Zama is the first spa in Oregon to offer Halotherapy Salt Caves and Prism Light Pod red light therapy. Needless to say, Zama has all the leading-edge treatments to offer the community!

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The Zama Legacy.

"Here at Zama, we are committed to providing our clients with the most therapeutic and pain-relieving spa experience in Oregon" said Genevra Cardoso, Zama's owner, in an interview with PDX Monthly. "We are the first location in the state of Oregon to offer Halotherapy, and we follow that legacy by bringing the most effective red light therapy solutions to our Spa." The word Zama means, 'Peace of Mind' in Sanskrit. At Zama you can get the pain relief you need and the pampering you crave under one roof. The passion and drive to bring innovative excellence to the client is felt in every aspect of the Zama experience.

Prism Light Pod, cutting edge spa therapy.

About Red Light Therapy

Check out our Red Light Therapy news release! Portland’s top spa adds the most powerful red light therapy bed to its menu of wellness experiences to enhance relief, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Red light therapy is a natural healing modality. It uses specific red LED wavelengths to target the mitochondria in body cells. Red light exposure strengthens the mitochondria and encourages increased production of ATP. Which is a vital energy-carrying molecule that aids in efficient functioning and rejuvenation, and speeds healing throughout the body.

Above all there are many benefits of using red light therapy. Increased energy production, wound healing, skin and hair health, stress reduction and overall enhanced well-being is especially important.

Bustle shares Zama's Magnetic Acupressure.

Another advanced wellness treatment we offer that has received accolades for is magnetic acupressure. Magnetic acupressure stimulates energy fields within the body and enhances the wellness of the human energy system. Above all, when stimulated these energy fields can release inflammation and blockages. This brings not only an overall sense of well-being but true pain relief.

Cupping, an ancient Taoist medical practice that dates back to the year 281 AD, is good for drawing out inflammation. At Zama, silicone and magnetic cups are used by our massage therapists to increase local blood supply to the muscles. The Detoxifier Massage brings nourishment to the tissues and allows for toxins to be carried away via the lymph.

Magnetic cups make it easy for massage therapists to re-balance tissue polarity and counteract inflammation and pain. Chronic and acute pain is relieved with minimal discomfort. Tense muscles soften quickly and easily using the silicone cups.

What Is Magnetic Acupressure? This Is The One Wellness Trend From In Goop Health You’ll Actually Want To Try (

Live and breathe easier with Halotherapy.

Additionally, Zama has the only Salt Caves available in Oregon. Although Halotherapy is cutting edge and is currently used throughout Asia and Europe, salt therapy dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Salt has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that provide healing benefits to the whole body- specifically the skin and respiratory system. It also stimulates healthy immune function and provides relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Salt therapy can help you breathe easier and live better- from the inside out.

Halotherapy features:

Here's some more fun features!

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