Wellness Trends of 2023

January 16, 2023
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Our favorite blog of the year is here with our prediction of Wellness Trends for 2023! The focus on wellness has always been important for humanity. Wellness mindset shifts and awareness that have grown and been embraced by the up-and-coming generations are cause for celebration.

The last couple of years have shown us that whole life wellness is important and vital to happiness. 2023 wellness trends definitely show our collective desire to focus on true wellness.

Health and wellness are at the forefront of topics when it comes to quality of life. The Wellness Trends of 2023 are pointing toward focus on personal authenticity and longevity/lifelong health.

We all want to be happy, healthy and feel good in our bodies. The new trends that are popping up on the horizon are interestingly enough not new. They are a call to return to the roots of what makes anyone feel connected to the earth, each other and to oneself. In fact, Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to choose a new job or position based on wellness being a part of their workplace. They are the two groups that spend the most on fitness, spas and wellness services.

Back To Our Roots.

Isolation and overstimulation through electronic devices have gone too far. We are reminded of our need to be connected to the earth and each other.

2023 wellness trends

First of all, we've all experienced this shift in society over the last few years. This redirection is pointing towards embracing a more natural lifestyle. People are more likely to grow an herbal garden or seek out alternative medicine and healing rituals. Wellness is less of a gimmick and more of a return to essential living. To aid in mental health and wellness people are turning to the outdoors. Hiking, earthing, forest bathing, sun-seeking is a way to return to homeostasis. Meditation, yoga and sound baths are much more commonplace now and sought out by the masses. These ancient traditions are no longer considered out of the realm of normalcy. Instead, we now affirm them in mainstream culture as effective and essential to optimizing our human experience.

Expand Your horizons!

2023 wellness trends

People are looking for ways to connect to each other and experience something new. Many are aiming for social abundance and alternative ways to relax. This leads to personalized products and more affordable wellness options for all. Spas and wellness centers that offer salt caves, acupressure, cold baths are leading the way. Products that are geared toward an interactive and personalized experience are gaining popularity. People want to feel valued, and their needs understood. Spas and wellness leaders are creating an environment that meets the needs of the individual while being mindful of their imprint on the earth. A spirit of community consciousness increasingly sweeps accross the climate of our culture. Genuine sustainability of the earth, body, mind and spirit is trending.

Positive Body Image in Fitness.

2023 wellness trends

All-women gyms and positive body image are gaining ground. Diverse bodies, functional fitness and health for longevity are on everyone's minds.

In the past, imagery of fitness has been one of shame and self-defecation. Wellness was presented in a way that made us feel inferior. Wellness now includes self-acceptance, mental health, gender and sexual representation and a return to a deep sense of self-love. Products and services are recognizing the need for women/community to empower themselves and one another. Shame marketing and negative wordage aren't used as often. More and more, the importance of community is playing a big part in the wellness trends as people are reaching out more and finding meaning and strength in their connections with others.

Each body is different.

The wellness movement's greatest asset is in the acknowledgment that each body is different. Consumers don't want a one-size-fits-all approach! When it comes to daily health rituals, consumers want what works, and they want it personalized. Products that are more affordable, serve a wider range of the population and become a necessity not a novelty on the consumer's wellness journey. The trend is pointing towards less fluff and more results. People want their resources honored and their individuality valued.

Rest + Recovery Technology.

2023 wellness trends

People are starting to realize the vital need for rest and recovery. As a culture people are starting to accept the need for rest as a way of being strong. This has led to an abundance of rest and recovery technology. From cooling mattresses, cold plunges, red-light therapy and more. The longevity and quality of ones life is trending. Consumers are willing to spend their resources on authentic and natural products and experiences. Greenwashing marketing schemes such as "natural" or "ecofriendly" wordage have lost their popularity. Authentic transactions with conscious companies that have sincere respect for the earth are the order of the day.

2023 wellness trends

Here at Zama we always aim to bring conscious expansion to what we offer in a way that enhances your human experience and amps up your wellness. Check out our spa menu HERE, we'd love to assist you in your wellness path.

We love the Wellness Trends for 2023 and are excited to deliver our community opportunities to rest, recover, restore, beautify and simply be well.

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