Functional Fitness for Longevity

May 15, 2023
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Spring has arrived! Nicer weather is a huge welcome after a long winter. Beautiful weather and long days make us all more active. With more activity comes more strains and injuries. It's important to set your body up for success with functional fitness tools. To enjoy your body as long as possible it's vital to learn methods to remain flexible and strong. Frequent strength training, stretching and therapeutic massage techniques are excellent ways to promote a healthy body. A holistic approach to the overall well-being of your body is essential for a happy and healthy life. Hydration, proper sleep, and nutrition make your entire body work better and enhance your overall wellness. We're going to explore the most sufficient ways to keep you strong and happy this Spring season!

Common areas of weakness

After a long day of hiking, biking or gardening, lower back pain can start to present itself. Tight hamstrings and weak abdominal muscles play a part in lower back strength and alignment. Knees and hips can become strained after too much use and too little care. Caring for your hamstrings is arguably one of the most important remedies and prevention tools for low back pain.

Strength training, yoga postures and functional stretching, no doubt, are highly effective tools to bring your body into balance. These movement techniques address all the common areas of strain and coupled with massage offer a highly effective way to stay mobile and healthy.

Use trigger point therapy balls and foam rollers.

Trigger point therapy and myofascial release with foam rollers are powerful tools for rehabilitation and improved physical health! Your fascia, muscles and ligaments need regular attention. Movement and exercise are excellent tools for circulation, renewal, strengthening and stretching. Targeted touch, however, will provide help to the areas that are still needing attention. For hamstring tightness, we highly recommend using trigger point balls and foam rollers to provide extracellular nutrition and circulation. Applied pressure can help loosen tight fascia and break up scar tissue. Using the weight of your body, you can use these tools to massage and release your hamstrings or any other area you are working on.

Work with a massage therapist.

When you work with a massage therapist you gain their expertise, massage tools and targeted touch. Ashiatsu, massage with your therapist's feet, can be particularly effective because of the depth and broad compression, which is perfect for hamstrings. Massage will help your muscles become more pliable and relaxed, which is perfect for building flexibility and strength. If you have a hamstring injury, such the very uncomfortable and common high hamstring tendinitis, we do recommend working with your doctor and physical therapist.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles!

The benefits of a strong core are countless. It's not just about looking good in a bathing suit or feeling comfortable in your jeans! Abdominal muscles play a huge role in the overall strength, balance and alignment of the human body. Exercises that use the entire body are highly effective in generating abdominal strength as opposed to traditional muscle isolation sit-ups.

Planks, pilates, cycling, rowing, swimming and dancing are great ways to activate the core and create stability within the back. Get out there and try something new! Join a dance class, join your local fitness studio or whatever gets you moving and engaging your entire body! Functional fitness is about having fun and creating a lifestyle that is sustainable. Being kind to your body, resting when you need to, getting a massage and learning how to honor your body is key.

Healthy hips and knees

Hips and knees are load-bearing joints, letting go of excess weight can improve the longevity of these essential body parts. Building strong, flexible muscles around your hips and knees will take the pressure off of your joints. Low impact activities such as swimming, cycling and brisk walking can help mobilize the hips and knees. Resistance training can enhance your strength, yoga and stretching can improve your flexibility. All these tools are essential for your Functional Fitness lifestyle. The weather is perfect for you to drink more water, enjoy the outdoors and be kind to your body!

A day at the Spa

After all that wonderful activity that spring inspires a key element of longevity is Therapeutic massage techniques. Deep Tissue, Swedish and Ashiatsu, are all effective massage techniques that will keep your body happy and moving. Spending time in a salt cave or receiving acupressure or cupping can take your body and nervous system to a whole new level of bliss! Check out our Monthly Specials to grab deep discounts on some of Zama's favorite services! And above all enjoy your Spring experience with a happy and healthy body and mind!

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