Wellness trends of 2024

January 16, 2024
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Prioritized Indulgence

Self-care and mindfulness have been on the horizon for years and has gained momentum. These practices are solid in our awareness and with a few new tweaks wellness spending for health outcomes will increase significantly in 2024! Experiences geared toward community bonding are on the rise. Prioritized indulgence and lifestyle changes that reflect the Blue Zones wisdom are gaining popularity. Additionally, men are embracing the idea of modern male wellness practices. Cultural intellect and highly personalized wellness systems come in perfect timing for this year's nuances. All in all, 2024 wellness trends are promising! And worth taking a look at.

Community Strength

Spas that involve community activities are on the rise. Social connections that nurture the mind, body and spirit are gaining popularity. These kinds of offerings and experiences nurture social connections, self-esteem and emotional strength. Retreats and spa days are a great way to stay connected and build interpersonal relationships. We are leaning away from individualism and leaning into community health practices. Basically, healthy relationships are of high importance now more than ever. Spas and the like that recognize this are leading the way in the 2024 wellness trends.

Blue Zones for the Win

Blue Zones is a popular study of the areas where people live the longest. These communities have certain things in common. The interrelationship between what we eat, our social relationships, how much we exercise and move, and the presence of spirituality in our lives, directly reflect how long we live. Therefore, the top 2024 wellness trends are taking a more holistic approach to overall well-being. People are taking a broader view on what it means to be healthy. Personalized nutrition plans to highly unique skin care regimens are in high demand. Exercise practices that engage "spiritual hygiene" are gaining momentum with everything from breathwork ceremonies to infared saunas and cold plunges. Altogether 2024 is all about connection and personalized wellness intelligence.

Modern Males

The top 2024 wellness trends involve the idea of the modern male. Old paradigms of men's health are rapidly changing. Men are becoming more confident in trying out new services. The male grooming and beauty industry is off and running! Last year an analysis by Deloitte found that men are just as likely to splurge as women on beauty. And they tend to spend more money than women when they do! Facials, massages even manis and pedis are becoming the norm for the modern male. Spas are offering more and more male-specific treatments to keep up with this trend.

Cultural Intellect

The top 2024 wellness trends demand cultural intellect. Products and services geared toward all types of skin and hair care are completely normalized. This is exciting for the strength of community on all fronts! Inclusion is a huge part of overall wellness. Everyone wants to feel connected, and the new trends are answering this demand. Estheticians, hair artists and skincare lines are reflecting this shift in awareness that is long overdue. Inclusivity is the key to strong communities and social awareness.

Health Tweakments

Tweakments (e.g. fillers, Botox, microneedling +skin peels) have historically been about going under the knife. Minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements are gaining popularity. Preserving the appearance of peak health for a more natural look is ideal! The goal is no longer to look "younger" but to look your healthiest. This trend combats ageism and celebrates one's stage in life. This 2024 health trend connects community through the admiration for all ages. Booking a Hydrafacial to create that natural glow is where it's at!

Sensory Experiences

Beauty experiences are becoming more sensorial. Therefore, subtly engaging all five senses to deliver an immersive experience is a popular 2024 trend. You can try getting massage in a salt cave or receiving light therapy in a sauna for a sensory indulgence. The trend is geared toward an immersive experience that leaves consumers feeling positive long after their treatment. This is just another way the top 2024 wellness trends deliver a whole mind-body experience.

Headed into 2024

Strong community ties mixed with highly unique and individualized regimens are leading the way into 2024. Taking time to learn the best meals, skincare practices and spiritual rituals lead the way into overall wellness. After all, we are only as strong as our awareness of ourself and our care for community. The top 2024 wellness trends are surprisingly tender in their recognition of this! It's an exciting time to explore what wellness looks like to you and who you can share it with. At Zama, we are ready to deliver on all fronts of the 2024 trends! And are excited to continue to evolve with the needs of our community.

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