Office Manager
Erika Brown

Erika is an incredible asset to the Zama Management team! Since she was a little girl she loved putting on makeup and doing hair so she got started on her spa related career her senior year in high school when she obtained her cosmetology license at Beauty School at Manning Academy! Without wasting any time, she jumped into a career doing hair for 2 and a half years. Once she got to Zama, she learned that she actually loves running the business side of the spa. Her passion for the back end tasks, careful eye and strong organizational habits has made her an excellent fit for our Office Manager!

Erika is a new homeowner and a passionate furrmomma. In her spare time she enjoys taking her pups for walks, and spending time with her family. Erika has a 5-year goal of turning her new condo into a rental and buying a home in a peaceful rural area so she has lots of room for her pups!