Assistant Spa Director
Brittany Dikeman, LMT #10799

Brittany comes to us with extensive massage and bodywork experience. Massage has always been a passion and she got started at the young age of 18! Brittany started working with her mentor, a proficient chiropractor who was instrumental in educating her on how the body works. She attended Ashmead College and through her internship at her mentor’s clinic, discovered a deep passion and commitment to healing the body through massage therapy.

Brittany has practiced for over 15 years and has helped people all over the world feel better in their bodies! She practiced on cruise ships, has worked with a large variety of doctors, and in recent years she has been passionately sharing her healing work at Zama.

The modalities she focuses on include trigger point work, active release therapy, Swedish relaxation massage, table Thai, massage cupping and has been integrating Ashiatsu deep feet one and two into her practice.

Brittany was invited to help lead Zama’s management team first as Massage Director and most recently she was promoted to Assistant Spa Director. She has an innate ability to train and advance massage professionals as well as the entire team here at Zama. She and the Spa Director, Allee Lindahl, work hand in hand in providing a compassionate and professional experience for our customers as well as our team. Brittany is loved by her clients and highly effective with staff development. In her words, “One of the most important things to me is our team. My passion is making sure everyone feels like they can succeed, that they feel valued, and supported.”

Bodywork is what Brittany loves most for work, but these days she has found a new love in her life, her family. In her spare time, she spends time at the gym, plays the piano and relaxes at home with her husband and daughter.