Spa Owner
Genevra Cardoso, LMT #17397

Genevra holds over 12 years of massage and spa experience, specializing in modalities such as myofascial release therapy, deep tissue/sports therapy, Sufi healing, cupping, Ashiatsu, and Reiki. Genevra carries years of experience in owning businesses and marketing them. Her dreams for Zama are rooted in “healing one person at a time,” ultimately creating a different kind of spa – a world class guest-focused facility, where pain relief, detox, spa pampering, and heart centered care exist under one roof. She personally trains the massage therapists, making sure that each of them are aligned with the vision of Zama: to give each and every Zama guest freedom and healing from stress and pain, and provide them with an overall sense of well-being. Genevra believes that at Zama, every guest is a VIP.

Genevra loves to spend time traveling and dreaming with her husband, Daniel Cardoso, a prominent and respected member of the Portland business community. Together they are exploring five star spas around the world, and have big plans that are soon to come for the vision of Zama.