Arctic Berry Peel Facial Add-On

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arctic berry peelAdd the Arctic Berry Peel to any facial at Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa in Portland, Oregon to experience ultimate renewal from the powerful combination of enzymatic and manual exfoliation. This treatment requires no extra time, and can be integrated right in with your service.

The plants used to make these products are naturally built to withstand the most difficult of conditions. Arctic Berries, or Cloud Berries as they are also called, can withstand cold temperatures down to well below -40 °C. It grows in marshes and wet meadows and requires sunny exposures in an acidic ground (between 3.5 and 5 pH).

Naturally derived papain enzyme breaks down and removes dead cells on the skin’s surface while finely ground wild cherry bark gently exfoliates to refine the skin’s texture. Unveil a brand new you with the superior peel that removes layers of the skin naturally to initiate clearer, smoother and more luminous skin. Reduce hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and enjoy improved elasticity and skin tone for a younger-looking appearance. Bright, glowing skin will be achieved in no time!

This power-packed peel, also suitable for sensitive skin types, will instantly reveal radiant skin. Illuminate your look and achieve maximum luminosity with the all-powerful, soothing moisturizer that features our exclusive Peptide Illuminating Complex. Hibiscus seed botanical peptides, yellow plum and gardenia stem cells in the Complex target collagen loss, dehydration and inflammation while organic jojoba oil offers deep lasting hydration for absolute radiance.

Learn more about Eminence's 3 Step The Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System




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