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CBD Facial Enhancement

CBD facial

Bring the power of CBD to your Zama facial!

Enhance any Zama facial with a powerful CBD massage for your shoulders, arms, hands and feet!

You’ll love your CBD facial enhancement.

While we have you in for your facial, we’ll add in a CBD infused massage to your shoulders, arms, hands and feet. Our CBD facial enhancement eases tense muscles, making it a powerful upgrade for the ultimate facial!

You’ll get two extremely effective CBD products. We’ll strategically spot treat your problem areas with our potent CBD product, CBD Clinic Massage Oil Level 3 (professional grade.) We’ll then layer on Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Massage Cream blended with 8 soothing and aromatic herbs, for the remaining parts of your massage.



All CBD Services contain 0.0% THC. 

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Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa, Portland Oregon