CBD Pain Relief Foot Treatment

45 minutes - $95
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Included in your CBD Pain Relief Foot Treatment:

  • 4 different CBD products used for your signature CBD pedi experience
  • Luxurious 45 Min Therapeutic Foot Treatment
  • Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Epsom Foot Soak
  • Salt Scrub
  • Vital Body CBD balm and CBD Clinic oil massage with heated booties
  • Hot stone massage
  • Bubbles or beverage of your choice

Look no further, the only CBD pain relief foot treatment in Portland is here at Zama!

Drumroll....! We introduce to you, Zama's CBD Pain Relief Foot Treatment! Our signature protocol will tame your aches and pains while refreshing and beautifying your feet and legs! We have extensively researched and product tested to create the most effective CBD foot service. Our signature protocol will chill you out, tame your aches and pains, and refresh and beautify!

cbd pedicureYou'll start with a Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Epsom Foot Soak.

Sit back and enjoy your deeply relaxing experience while your feet enjoy their CBD soak. Next comes your Green Tea Salt Scrub exfoliation, which blends the power of green tea with detoxifying sea salt. Your feet and legs are now ready for the next stage of relief, your Happy Feet journey.

Perfection will have to do with your CBD hot stone massage & warm booties!

We will massage our most potent CBD Clinic Massage Oil mixed with Vital Body Pain Relief Balm into your feet, which will cool them while blissfully taming away pain. Then comes our warm booties! Slide into our booties to relax and help the CBD penetrate deeply while giving you the most delightful cooling and warming sensation.

This is an incredible experience, given the highly sensitive nerve endings on your feet. Your feet have a highly porous epidermis that will allow the CBD to easily circulate into your nervous system, deepening the calming and relaxation you will experience.

While your feet sit in their warm booties, we will massage our Vital Body Therapeutics CBD cream into your lower legs. Using hot stones, we'll massage this herbal cream, which contains eight pain relieving herbs, into your legs until it is absorbed. We'll then pull off the booties and continue the massage into your feet and toes!

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All CBD Services contain 0.0% THC. 



Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

2149 NE Broadway Street
PortlandOregon 97232
Off street parking in back (compact cars only).

Phone: 503.281.0278


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