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Chiropractic Care

Zama Massage and Therapeutic Portland OR

Chiropractic Care–Chiropractic Care include full spine and extremity adjusting for chronic conditions and acute injuries as well as cranial and organ therapy. Treatments include chiropractic therapies as well as massage therapy and a holistic approach to bring balance and well being in the individual.

Each individual has a unique set of needs; and we see chiropractic and massage as systems of health care that are very different than western medical care. Without drugs or surgery, massage and chiropractic help retrain your body to take care of itself. If your bodily structure is unbalanced or is not straight and true, you may feel pain, become ill or tire more easily. Injury to your muscles and ligaments requires a balance of rest and movement to heal. Massage and chiropractic help the body heal itself by reduced swelling, increased blood circulation, active stretching and manipulation.

To schedule chiropractic care call the following facilites:

East Side Chiropractors

Dr. Andrew Alvis

2916 NE Broadway, Suite B
Portland OR, 97232
Web: dralvis@alvischiropractic.com

Korin Rasmussen D.C.

7824 SE Taylor St. Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503.803.4631
Email:  korin@doctorkorin.com
Web: http://www.doctorkorin.com

West Side Chiropractors

Dr. Noé Flores, Chiropractic Physician,

2230 W Burnside St. Ste. D
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: 971-255-1922  fax: 971-255-1923
Email: drflores@gmail.com
Web: www.floreschiropractic.net

Todd Thistle

7340 SW Hunziker St., Suite 101
Portland, OR  97223
Phone: 503.624.7249
Email: drthistle@yahoo.com

Experience the Only Salt Caves in Portland, Oregon

Zama Massage houses the only therapeutic salt caves in Portland, Oregon. Salt cave therapy, also called halo therapy, is an ancient practice that harnesses the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties of salt to promote healing. Stop a cold in its tracks with a Halo therapy session!

The therapeutic inhalation of salt is made possible through the use of a halo-generator that disperses micro-sized salt particles into the air. Our halo-therapy rooms have a negative ion environment that reduces the symptoms of allergies and asthma, promotes relaxation, decreases stress, and creates a general feeling of well-being. Experience the healing power of salt with one of our halo therapy packages.
 Call Zama Massage today and book your session in our salt caves. Portland, Oregon has never experienced anything quite like it.

Monthly Special

march special

March Special: In Mint Condition

Our March Special, In Mint Condition, has been crafted to give your body exactly what it needs from head to toe. Take a spa escape and give your body renewal and relief from the inside out!

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