Side by Side Head to Toe Refresh Massage

60 Min - $298
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Side by Side Head to Toe Refresh Massage:

  • A duo journey from head to toe, offering targeted relief and full-body relaxation.
  • Performed in our rooms designed for pairs, creating a shared experience of luxury and tranquility.
  • Revitalizing scalp massage enhanced with seasonal aromatherapy oils for both.
  • A luxurious foot massage featuring a warm towel wrap, exfoliating scrub, hot towel soothe, and lotion massage.
  • Available in a harmonious 60-minute session for both guests.

The Side by Side Refresh Experience:

Zama Massage Portland Oregon Head To Toe Refresh Massage Women on Table with Massage Therapist using elbow to work deep tissue and a man on another table in the back with another Massage Therapist

Begin an unparalleled duo adventure from the crown of your head to the curve of your toes, beautifully tailored to awaken your senses, energize your being, and calm your spirit in unison. This pinnacle of spa experiences is aimed at ensuring both participants emerge thoroughly relaxed and indulgently cared for, side by side.

It begins with a personal selection of aromatherapy from K Sahai, offering each of you a choice of four enchanting scents to enhance your massage experience. As you settle into the tranquil ambiance of our spa, your journey will commence with a 30-minute Tension Tamer Massage, focusing on targeted areas to alleviate pain and release stress. This segment of your treatment uses specialized techniques to reach deep layers of muscle and fascia, breaking up knots and easing tension in the upper body, including the back, neck, and shoulders.

Embrace the serene journey to deep relaxation with our exquisite scalp massage, a true oasis of calm.

Allow yourself to drift into a state of bliss for 15 minutes, enveloped in the subtle fragrances of our seasonal aromatherapy oils. This indulgent experience is designed to transport you to a place of peace and relaxation, where the gentle touch of our skilled therapists helps to unravel the stresses of the day. Feel every ounce of tension melt away as we guide you through a journey of sensory delight, leaving you cocooned in comfort and serenity. As highlighted in an enlightening article from Vegamour The 5 Benefits of Scalp Massage, Including Hair Growth, a scalp massage is not just a treat for the senses but a boon for your scalp's health, promoting hair growth among other benefits

A soleful retreat awaits as we conclude your refresh with a 15-minute luxurious foot massage.

Zama Massage Portland Oregon Side by Side Head To Toe Refresh Massage Foot Massage Your feet will first be wrapped in warm, damp towels, softening the skin and preparing them for a rejuvenating exfoliation with our FarmHouse Fresh sugar scrub. After gently massaging away any roughness, we'll apply hot towels to soothe and relax your feet further. This isn't just a massage, it's a passage to tranquility where time stands still, and every care is smoothed away, leaving your feet feeling divinely soft, smooth, and utterly refreshed.

The Side by Side Head to Toe Refresh Massage is the perfect choice for a serene experience together.

Visit us at Zama for the most luxurious massage in Portland, Oregon.

Book your Side by Side Head to Toe Refresh Massage HERE online 24-7! Or, give us a call at 503.281.0278


Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

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Phone: 503.281.0278


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