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Included in your Rejuvenator Package:

  • 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage
  • 45 Min CBD Pain Relieving Foot Treatment
  • Red Light Therapy

Only $250!

Are you looking for a chronic pain and recovery solution focused spa package? You've found it. We've pulled our 3 most effective pain relieving services into a specialized package just for you.

First things first. Meet our Red Light Therapy Pod.

15 min in this natural light treatment delivers energy to the body and boosts your immune system accelerating healing & recovery. This powerful technology provides performance recovery, chronic pain & disorders, injury & wound healing, arthritis & joint pain, anti-aging & skin toning and weight loss.

Power Detox

Our Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most-advanced full-body light therapy system using cutting-edge technology. It provides deep red light therapy that’s absorbed by your skin, muscles, deep tissues, joints, and body cells to accelerate healing and recovery by 4 to 10 times faster than your body’s restoration process. Red light therapy offers unique mitochondrial healing which delivers more energy and speeds the regeneration of healthy body cells.

Next up, our most popular service in the Spa, our 60 min Deep Tissue.

Deep tissue is crafted to provide deep relief.  It alleviates pain in your body, usually the neck, upper back and shoulders, or the low back.

Deep tissue massage involves focusing prolonged pressure on the inner layers of the muscle fibers and connective tissue, or fascia, and going against the grain of the muscle tissue. The techniques in used in deep tissue will break up adhesions or “knots” that are causing your discomfort.

While working out those tight spots, your therapist is assisting your body by opening up the damaged tissue and flushing out toxins. Because deep tissue massage stimulates your lymphatic system and provides circulation, it is highly effective in providing holistic healing. Not only will you get pain relief, but your immune and overall nervous system will reap the rewards as well!

Finish your spa package with our 45 Min CBD Pain Relieving Foot Treatment.

Zama's CBD Pain Relief Foot Treatment signature protocol will tame your aches and pains while refreshing and beautifying your feet and legs! We have extensively researched and product tested to create the most effective CBD foot service. Our signature protocol will chill you out, tame your aches and pains, and refresh and beautify!

Perfection will have to do with your CBD hot stone massage & warm booties!

CBD Pain Relief Foot Treatment

Once you have finished your CBD Foot Soak, will massage our most potent CBD Clinic Massage Oil mixed with Vital Body Pain Relief Balm into your feet, which will cool them while blissfully taming away pain. Then comes our warm booties! Slide into our booties to relax and help the CBD penetrate deeply while giving you the most delightful cooling and warming sensation.

This is an incredible experience, given the highly sensitive nerve endings on your feet. Your feet have a highly porous epidermis that will allow the CBD to easily circulate into your nervous system, deepening the calming and relaxation you will experience.

These 3 services will help you feel free in your body and release stored toxins and pain that pull your energy down. Come see us soon for this revolutionary package!

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