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Nick S

My wife and I loved this place. The converted old home didn’t look like much from the outside but the inside changed everything. The reception area was warm and inviting. Our massage therapists were friendly and professional. The room we went to for the side by side massage was so cool. The walls and ceiling looked like they were covered with rock, bit were lit from behind. It felt like being a warm, inviting cave. And the massage? Wow. Worth every penny!!

-As seen on Google My Business


I’ve been seeing EMILY as an esthetician for several years for facials and waxing. She’s sweet, professional, meticulous and always does a great job. Her facials are AMAZING and she is the BEST EVER at eyebrow shaping. You just have to look at her gorgeous eyebrows to see. I followed her to Zama and was pleased with her new location. I recently started getting lash extensions from her and I love them. It’s so great to wake up looking ready-to-go. Thanks Emily! – Become

– As seen on Yelp


What a pleasure paradise this spa is! My experience was nothing less than delectable. Being a long time Massage Therapist myself, I am a very picky massage receiver and usually find something to fixate on, completely destroying any chance of drifting off into bliss. The atmosphere at Zama felt otherworldly. Every detail was tended to, my mind felt at ease to completely surrender into the beautifully decorated room, set at literally the PERFECT temperature, high vibe music of the Gods playing at a peaceful volume.
I was able to throw all my inner chatter out the window and fully receive the highly enjoyable therapeutic massage given to me by LMT Becca, she did an excellent job checking in w me before our session and tailored the allotted time to suit my requests.
Then to really add to the magic she did something I’ve never even dreamed was possible-she applied warm cocoa butter to my legs & feet! I’m having a hard time describing in words the sensation coupled with the aroma of chocolate butter filling the room– just go, allow yourself to receive this therapeutic treat. I highly recommend it the massage glow lasted well into my week. – Meredith

– As seen on Yelp


Zama was five stars start to finish and I will definitely be back. Boyfriend and I decided on a whim to do massages and I found Zama based on the reviews here. I was able to get two simultaneous appointments the very next morning using their online booking (which was easy to use, even with multiple customers- this was a big plus and it really stood out after 10 or so other appointment pages, so extra points from this pair of techies). We were greeted warmly, offered additional options/modifications by the front desk staff who was excellent at her job. The facility itself is very nice and well-kept. My massage therapist was sweet and really worked on my trouble spots- she did magnetic cupping on my back (holy wow!) and even on my right hand after I told her it was sore after a project I had worked on the previous day. It was relaxing and productive on my sore points. Afterwards I was given a writeup of the spots we worked on and the techniques used, and a prompt follow-up thank you email, which was an extra professional touch. I have tried several around town and Zama stood out! It gets my recommendation. – Nicole

– As seen on Yelp

Susan L

Great place for a massage! Enjoyed a Valentine’s Day couples massage. Topped off with chocolates and a cocktail!

-As seen on Yelp

Morgan N

Surprised my husband with a well earned massage. I called ahead of time to schedule and make sure that the card I called with would be charged so he wouldn’t have to pay. The person I spoke with was friendly and informative. My husband was pleased with the massage. I asked for deep tissue and he said that was absolutely what he experienced. He left happy and I was pleased with the gift. I am looking forward to treating myself to a massage as well.

-As seen on Yelp


Zama Massage is the friendliest spa I’ve ever been to, by far. I went here for a Swedish massage my mom had bought me for my birthday (thanks, mom!). It’s 4 blocks from my apartment, so I walked, although they do have parking in the back.

Zama is located in a 2-story house, which instantly makes you feel at home. Their reception is very friendly and hospitable. “Cute shoes” “Would you like some tea while you wait?” type of stuff.

Lindsey did my Swedish massage. She was very kind and warm and made me feel very much at ease. The massage was amazing too– on your forms they have you circle particular areas of your body you’re experiencing pain, so Lindsey worked through my shoulders, neck and upper back really well.

I left this place in a happy, oily daze. Zama is the best way to treat yourself. Or “treat yo self.” – Katie


– As seen on Yelp


After buying a bunch of Groupon and Living Social massage deals, I found myself wanting to return to only one place: Zama Massage.  You get what you pay for and full price is worth every penny at Zama.

I typically come for pain relief or a specific ailment usually caused by weight lifting.  I always leave feeling like my specific issue was addressed, as opposed to just getting a standard massage.

The setting is an old house that has been converted to a business with multiple rooms for massage and facial treatments.  This put me off at first since it seemed less professional.  I got over this because it is a comfortable place and the massages are amazing.  You won’t get the full spa experience like you would find at Dosha.  Go to Dosha if you want pampering, go to Zama if you want a good massage.

There is quite a bit of turnover, and I’ve seen a different person each time (6 times so far). This could be a negative, but every massage therapist has been equally impressive (I’ve only had male therapists).

Finally, I LOVE the convenient Online booking and later hours on weekdays and weekends.  I can look at options that work best with my schedule and book something if I’m thinking about it at 11 at night.

I definitely recommend Zama Massage. – Brianne

-As seen on Yelp


My massage was almost all foot work which was crazy awesome! I’ve never had someone walk on me and massage me with their feet before. I liked it so much that I booked a 90 minute session to come back  and do it again! Yeah! ~Alyssa

Autumn K

I come here for all my beauty and health needs.

Allisha does my messages and she is one of the BEST in her field. I have injuries and stress issues that she heals with her caring practice. 

I see Patsy for everything else. She is MOST INCREDIBLE!! She takes care of my hands and nails with regular manicures.  I have feet issues and she does this pain-free pedicure that is seriously life changing!! Patsy also does my facials and waxes my body. She is an all around GREAT gal!! She is caring and sincere and I’m so happy I found her!! 

Love this spa!! I won’t go anywhere else!!

Blessing and peace friends. Xoxo

-As seen on Yelp

Lexi M.

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting treatment from the lovely Robin. I’m a personal trainer so my body gets used and abused and I was looking for a therapist who could help keep me loose and aid in my mobility. And boy has she. I’ve only had 2 treatments, but she is hands down the BEST massage therapist I have ever gotten work done from. And I’ve seen a lot of massage therapists in my life. Very talented ones at that. She’s 10x better than the best massage therapist I’ve ever had.

I would highly recommend going to see Robin at Zama if you’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to get into the muscles fiercely. Her touch is not light (which I prefer), but extremely effective. I’ve now made standing appointments with her every three weeks to ensure my body stays right.

Zama is a little expensive, but from what I’ve experienced, I’m 100% wiling to pay for the service. I’d rather pay more money now and only have to come in very couple months if I wanted to, than pay very little but have to see someone multiple times in a month.” -As seen on Yelp

Candy L.

“My husband booked a prenatal massage for me while we were in town for a vacation. Having two hours of kid-free time was already a treat but my experience at Zama was head and shoulders above any spa experience I’ve ever experienced!

I started off with a foot scrub and massage that was wonderful. The chairs were comfy, the water was perfect and the foot rub was incredibly relaxing.

The massage itself was definitely the highlight of my experience! My therapist Brittany was incredibly skilled. I have had massages that felt like either someone was just rubbing lotion on my body for an hour… or someone was taking a tenderizer to my muscles and I left feeling bruised and sore. The massage I received from Brittany struck the perfect balance of relaxing and therapeutic. I was incredibly relaxed the whole time yet she was able to work through my achy back, neck and shoulders with such skill I felt a million times better after the massage was over.

I am so sad to live an hour away by plane from Portland! Forget donuts, pokpok, ice cream and beer… the next time I’m back, this will be my first stop!”


Candy L. – As seen on Yelp

Eddie M

Excellent and relaxing atmosphere! The massage therapist that helps us with our coupes massages were very friendly and were very good at what they do. I recommend them for couples massages.

-As seen on Yelp

Cassie F

We were squeezed in at the last moment for a couples massage via a recommendation from Element Massage because they could not get us in and we are forever grateful!!! My husband, who is an incredibly harsh critic when it comes to masseuses, said Liza was the best he has ever had!!! And I will have to reserve the next paragraph for Erik because his hands are experiential!!

First, he is incredibly professional. His flow and ability to tap into areas of sensation (or discomfort) was spot on. His stretching was gentle, effective, and opening. He is a natural at serving without words. Most importantly, I felt very safe and cared for throughout my massage, which allowed for a deeper, gentle massage!! Where normally, masseuses have to “muscle through” my knots. If you need authentic healing touch with a side of exceptional skill, Erik is A+. 

Blessed we were accommodated on such short notice. Thanks to everyone who allowed us the opportunity. 

Warmest regards!

-As seen on Yelp

Julia B.

“Amaaaaazing! I became a convert of sports massage. My therapist asked really good questions in the beginning and gave me exactly what I need–a mix of deep tissue and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Amy. When I walked in, the place had a welcoming smell and ambiance. I never book ahead but they made it easy and now I can’t wait to go back for another heavenly massage and to  try the Salt Cave!” – As seen on Yelp

Maryssa M

This place is a cute multi level home turned oasis. Staff are very professional. Rooms are on lower level and I just so happen to get into the Himalayan salt room which was so unique and visually appealing. I didn’t get to enjoy the amenities that the room itself has to offer. 

I got a 60 minute massage with Daphny and she was wonderful  and attentive to all my stress areas. I got a warm coco butter for the hands and the Icy Blue for my back. I would absolutely recommend the Icy Blue and even more so recommend Zama!

-As seen on Yelp


On our last day of our 3 day trip to Portland, my friend and I began to run out of things we wanted to do, as we are not really outdoorsy kind of people.  I suggested we get a massage so I did a quick Yelp search and found the Dragontree spa.  They didn’t have any openings on such short notice so they recommended Zama Massage.

I quickly called Zama and luckily they booked us for a wax and 2 Swedish massages.  Yay!  As a side note, if you are a visitor to Portland (from Hawaii especially), you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get around the city.

Zama Massage is located in a two story house with parking in the back.  Our car was the only one in the parking lot and my friend got a little skeptical.  But her worries quickly disappeared with the comings and goings of the numerous relaxed and satisfied customers on a Sunday afternoon.

The waiting room was comfortable as we enjoyed complimentary tea and water and used their wifi.  The only disappointment came when my friend went in for her wax appointment; the esthetician discovered she didn’t have enough wax.  She offered my friend a glass of champagne instead, which she shared with me.  Cheers!

Our massages were fantastic.  Mine was in the Ruby Room which was dimly lit and visually soothing.  My experience was great and I highly recommend getting a massage on the last day of all your trips. – Nadia

-As seen on Yelp



I’ve been to Zama Massage three times in the last couple of months and I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of the therapists, the tranquil ambiance of the spa, and the innovative treatments they provide. I had the 90 minute Ashiatsu with Samantha the last time I was there; this was the most heavenly massage treatment I have ever received! I swore there were times when she was using her hands, the way she used her toes to find my knots felt like fingers. It was truly the deepest and most relaxing massage of my life. The spicy tea, truffles, and hot towel enhancement made the whole experience that much more relaxing. Here’s the icing on the cake: Zama is the only spa in town that offers a Halotherapy Salt Cave, two of them. If you don’t know about these, Google it or visit their blog. As an asthma sufferer, these rooms are a medicinal Godsend. Zama is a cute, neighborhood spa that has the type of services and staff that are sure to please the most discerning of clientele. You might find a spa like this in SoHo, lucky for us it’s in Portland. This place is awesome! – Jeshe

– As seen on Yelp


By far THE BEST massage that I have ever received. Kate is amazing and really took the time to listen to the areas I wanted to focus on. My back was in so much pain before my visit but I felt great after my massage. Reception staff were very nice and I loved the location and feel of the building.

My only regret is that I do not live closer to use this spa on a regular basis but I will definitely recommend it to family that live in the Portland area and will hopefully get the chance to return myself during our next visit for a massage. I had such a wonderful experience. – Jennie

-As seen on Yelp


I love this place! I received a gift card from my Mom who has been to Zama a few times and said it was great. I had a 30 minute facial with Joy followed by a 60 minute Swedish massage with Kacie.

The facial was great and very relaxing. The products they use are mellow and don’t irritate my sensitive skin but still effective. My skin was a little bumpy and dry but when I was finished I looked radiant and moisturized. I added on the Ice Globe facial enhancement for $5 and loved it. My only complaint was that I did the 30 minute instead of the 60 minute!

The massage was perfect. I’ve had massages in the past where I have mentioned I like it on the more gentle side but have always ended up tensing up during the massage because they have been too rough. Kacie was very gentle so I was able to relax.

They have so many other services they offer, I can’t wait to go back and try out some other things! – PDXGirl

– As seen on Yelp



Tiffany L.

“A little slice of heaven on NE Broadway.

I came here for a Yelp Elite event and was blown away by the sample ashiatsu massage and hydro-facial I had. And I wanted more! I decided to Treat. Yo. Self for my 30th birthday and get a massage.

My husband and I got a couples massage and everything was perfect. First off, let’s talk about their Salt Caves. Hellooo. These are a ultra-relaxing little oasis and the anti-gravity chairs are phenomenal. Even if you’re not into massages, book a salt cave session and read up on all the benefits Halotherapy has to offer.

And if you want the best of both worlds, they do massages IN their salt cave rooms, which is awesome.

My massage was actually the first 60 minute professional massage I’ve ever had. Before you get any work done, you fill out a questionnaire and talk to your therapist about exactly what you want done. Want light pressure? Need to concentrate on a specific spot? No problem. I put light-medium pressure and it was great. Amy was my therapist, and her hands are just magical. Really. Amy, you have magical hands. She was very thorough and also offered me a lot of good advice. I’ve been working out a lot and my body needed some serious attention.

The therapists really listen to what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to tell them if the pressure is too much or too little. My husband had Clay and he loved his massage, too.

Aromatherapy is used during the massage and you can pick your poison: Pain Relief, Rejuvenate, Sleep, etc. You can also add-on services to make the massage your own. Hot stones, cupping, warm cocoa butter, or acupuncture.

The prices are comparable to other spots around town. I think Zama, however, offers a little bit more for what you get. They run monthly specials and also offer free salt cave sessions during the beginning of the week with any massage.

This is a full-service place, so it’s great to come for a whole day of pampering with girlfriends. They do waxing, manicures and pedicures, facials, etc.

Whatever you do, end your session with a glass of champagne and truffles. They serve Missionary’s salted caramel vanilla truffles and they’re aaaaaaa-mazing.

The 3-story house is also a nice touch. It makes your experience feel a little more intimate and relaxing. And, bonus! They have a parking lot in the back. Which I didn’t even realize until my third time here.

Already going to book a session for me and my mom when she comes to visit.

And now, I leave you with 3 words. Treat. Yo. Self!” – As seen on Yelp


I also am not big on writing a review after one visit but Holy Samantha! I’m kind of a spa snob since I’ve had my fair share of massages and she was hands down the best massage therapist I’ve ever been too. They only had time to squeeze me in for 45 minute swedish but she made very good use of that time and paid attention to the areas my body needed the most. She is very unique with her massage techniques but not unique enough that you’re uncomfortable with them. The receptionist (forgot her name) was also very kind, warm, and professional. I didn’t have a chance to see what all the spa had to offer but I was well taken care of today and will absolutely be back. – Jessica

– As seen on Yelp

Lauren T

This place literally saved my lower back. I’ve been doing intense weight training all summer and doing hard hikes nearly every weekend for over 2 months for hikes that are coming up and last week I pulled a muscle in my lower back in addition to severe stiffness I’ve had in my hips for weeks now.

I went and saw Kimberly for a 90-minute Swedish massage with the cupping add on, desperate for relief so that I can do the hikes I’ve been training all summer for (the hikes begin in two days!!!). Immediately after our session (it was yesterday) the pain in my lower back was almost completely gone. This morning I woke up, I have absolutely no pain and for the first time in weeks I bent over to pick something up and was easily able to stand up straight again (no stiffness!!!). I cannot tell you how amazing Kimberly and the Zama staff are. I can’t wait to come back when I move here in a few months. In the meantime, if you need hike ideas I write hike reviews (and sometimes other random reviews like winery reviews) on my insta, @adventures_with_laurlaur

Thank you, Kimberly and Zama staff!!!!!

– As seen on Google My Business


I had a wonderful experience at Zama Massage! Went in on Valentine’s day for a Swedish massage and left feeling like a new woman! Awesome staff, very clean, great decor, and the overall ambiance was very soothing. I got lucky and the owner actually did my massage since it was a busy day for them. She was absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for any spa services or massage! ~Jessica


This is the go-to place for HydraFacials!! The price can not be beat and make sure you book with Devonie, she is amazing! She puts 110% and her hands are magical! The complimentary tea is also so delicious!

-As seen on Google My Business

Gabby G

Had a great experience at Zama for my first massage! The staff was super nice and the environment had a very homey relaxing feel.

I went in to try and find relief from chronic low back pain that was affecting all aspects of my life. I had a deep tissue massage with Megan that has helped tremendously. I don’t know if it was just the massage or the advice she gave(she was very informative on what I could do at home to help) but it’s been a week and my back is feeling so much better! I will definitely be back! Thank you Megan!

-As seen on Google My Business

Danielle F.

” Everything was great from the moment we checked in. We were greeted by sweet ladies at the front desk who offered us tea as we filled out our paperwork, took advantage of a salt cave session where we started our day, then had an amazing massage & finished up with champagne and a chocolate truffle. The place was clean and felt very comfortable, everyone was very kind & the massage rocked! Feeling great, will definitely come here again.”

champagne o-2 o


Danielle F. As seen on Yelp


Emmeline B.

“My husband and I escaped the TX heat to enjoy our Babymoom (last vacation before baby arrives) in Portland, OR.  I researched a ton of places where I could get a prenatal massage and Zama had wonderful reviews so I decided to book here…boy am I glad I did!  I booked the Zama Mama Prenatal Massage Package, which comes with a 30 minute foot soak and 90 minute prenatal massage.  I also added a 60 minute Bright Facial.

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the receptionist and offered water and tea.  Get the Good Earth Sweet & Spicy HerbalTea – it is delicious and caffeine free so it’s safe for mommies-to-be!  I was then greeted by Tien who led me to a room for my foot soak.  I had worn jeans that weren’t so easy to roll up above my calves, so she had me change into a much more comfortable spa robe and slippers.  Then she worked her magic – soaking my feet in a warm water bath then exfoliating with a scrub and massaging my feet and calves….ahhhhh!

Next I was taken to a quiet waiting area with comfy furniture and was offered more tea.  It was only a short few minute wait until I was greeted by my massage therapist, Bree.  She led me to a room and kindly explained the prenatal massage I was about to receive, that it would be light pressure, and I’d be lying on my side with pillows to help with propping and comfort.  The massage table was heated which was nice, but for me, unnecessary, since I wasn’t really cold.  (Side note – I was warm the entire time I was at Zama.  Not sure if this is due to me being pregnant and accustomed to air conditioning on full blast down in TX, but there didn’t seem to be any cooling system on at Zama.  I wasn’t uncomfortably hot, but for me it was a wee bit warm throughout my 3 hours there).  The massage sheets were also quite soft, which is important to me (too many places I’ve been to that skimp on cheap, thin sheets).

This massage included a warm, decadent cocoa butter that was drizzled on and gently massaged all over the body.  Bree’s pressure was perfect!  I’ve had many massages before and my own personal way of determining how relaxed I am during a service is if I catch myself falling asleep/snoring.  And there were at least a half dozen times during that 90 minute massage that I definitely drifted off and was lightly awakened by the sound of my own snoozing!

After the massage, I was led back to the waiting area, and again, offered a beverage.  Another short wait, and I was greeted by my facialist, Iman.  We had briefly met earlier in the foot soak room as we were discussing my pregnancy and her new 5 month old son.  Iman led me to a room beaming with natural sunlight.  She offered me a list of “enhancements” to review and add to my treatment, but did not pressure me into it.  I read over the options and decided on the ice globe add on (+$5), which helps to relieve redness (something I always seem to get after a facial).  I highly recommend this add on!  Iman used these ice cold, smooth as marbles frozen spheres to massage my face – a really nice touch!  I don’t get a ton of facials, but this one included the usual (cleanse, steam, mask, etc.) and all of the products smelled really good.

If I had only one complaint, it would be that my package was supposed to include a gift – a cocoa butter heart.  I forgot to ask about it before I left, but called back later on once I remembered that I never received it.  The receptionist told me that they were out of that free gift, and that they had to wait for more to be made (I believe she mentioned they are made by someone who works there).  She did offer to speak with the spa director to see if they could mail it out to me since I was visiting from out of town, so I sure hope they keep their word on that.

Otherwise, this was one of the highlights of our Babymoon.  If hubby was more into spa treatments, I would have loved for him to join me (he opted to hang out at the Beer Festival, which was fine by me!).  But there were 3 couples that were in the waiting room for services as I was checking out, so this definitely is a place that caters to couples’ treatments!  Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Zama, though my favorite part was definitely that warm cocoa butter treatment – I will be dreaming of that massage by Bree for awhile!

All you mothers to be who are looking for a great place to get a relaxing pre-natal massage, look no further – Zama Massage is the place to go!”


Emmeline B. – As seen on Yelp


Saw the excellent reviews on yelp and felt like a message so I booked the men’s wellness package for the next day.  Jennifer Lyndsey was my masseuse and I have to say that was the best massage of my life!  My first facial was also very good.

To top it all off the owner personally came by to say hello, thank me for the business, and make sure all my needs were being taken care of.  The staff here truly care about what they do and I can’t wait to come back on my next trip to Portland. – Jeffrey

– As seen on Yelp


This place is where I would go if I am looking for a true spa day. They give you the full hour, robes to change into, baskets for your clothes, and ask you to drink water like crazy (which is a must for massages and wraps)! Come here for a relaxing day. They have monthly specials and booking online which I adore. Also my personal favorite is their ginger candies…delicious. ~Winnie


There are many places to get massages in Portland and I’m sure I’ve tried over 20 of them. Zama is a place that I continue to return to. A visit starts with a nice greeting from friendly staff, an offer for water or tea and a wait in a cozy sitting room filled with appealing products (scarves, jewelry, nail polish, face cream, candles, etc.) for purchase. Their check-in process is easy and you can even make appointments online. I often call the day of or only one day ahead and usually always get an appointment. It probably helps that all of the practitioners are great. I never stick to one person and I still receive consistent, excellent healing sessions. I like all of the add-ins available — cupping, deep blue, hot stones, infrared heat — which are affordable and really helpful if your back is all crunchy. I really want to try the detox massage at some point. I’ve also gotten a couple of facials and found the practitioners to be informative and the session enjoyable. Also, they really listen here and show they care. Hope this helps! – Jessica

– As seen on Yelp

Stacey M

I adore Zama, I have been going for quite awhile. I have always enjoyed my massage person, but when I found Sarah, I found my match! She is so attentive, and caring. She seems to always know exactly what I need!! I will continue to go for my monthly maintenance, as long as she is there!! I always feel refreshed, and renewed and relaxed after every visit. I enjoyed the salt cave during my last session, it’s not only beautiful, but very relaxing! Keep up the good work Zama!

-As seen on Google My Business

Jhasmine S

The best massage in my life!!!! 1000% recommend.

-As seen on Google My Business


After multiple visits to many massage therapists on the east side, I finally found a great one. She truly listened to what I wanted and adjusted her hands accordingly. She is remarkably knowledgeable about anatomy and therefore very able to help me manage and soothe my trouble spots.

The front desk staff are very sweet and willing to answer questions. Zama Massage also provides additions to your massage with choices of aromatherapy, heat, infra-red light and more. One can even be treated in their salt cave! They always run monthly specials, which are fantastic. – Dana

– As seen on Yelp


My son had been congested all week, so this morning I decided to try halotherapy (salt caves) at Zama Massage. I dropped in right as they were opening and I received a warm welcome. While we hadn’t made an appointment, the spa director was able to accommodate us right away. The salt cave visit was so relaxing and it worked!! My son was able to breath out of his nose by the time we left. And as soon as we got home, he took a long-and much needed – nap. 🙂

Our entire experience was great! Will be back in soon! – Shelby

-As seen on Yelp

Clara S.

“Zama provides an attentive and friendly staff and environment. My 60 minute massage was exquisite, and over too quickly! The environment allows you to fully relax into the moment, with a variety of essential oils to choose from and soothing music in the background.
Daphne has such a strong positive energy, she clearly loves what she does, and it good at it.”


Clara S. – As seen on Yelp

Cheryl B

I had my first experience at Zama with the pain relief pedicure.  Patsy was GREAT.  The environment is peaceful and relaxing from the moment you walk in the door.  I already secured my next appointment.  Can’t wait to experience the salt cave therapy.

– As seen on Google My Business

Mel H.

“Best massage I’ve ever had, hands down. My husband and I can never find a place that massages us hard enough and deep enough, but decided to give Zama a try for my birthday.



It was a day of bests, actually:

* Best tea upon arrival – I asked to take a photo of the box.
* Best receptionist, ever – she was funny, outgoing and had great suggestions.
* Best massage by the best masseuse, ever, named Clayton. Don’t let his small stature fool you … He’s strong as an ox and knows what he’s doing!
* Best chocolate upon departure. I’m not usually a huge chocolate fan, but I’d book a couple’s massage JUST to have the candy.

My husband informed me his masseuse, Mallory, was also the best he’s ever had. So five lifetime bests in 90 minutes – I’d call that a success.

Book. Don’t hesitate. If you’ve not found your go-to massage joint, this is the one.” – As seen on Yelp


Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa did it again this review is for a Brazilian wax! I have not seen many wax reviews for Zama but Emily was amazing I hardly felt a thing!!! Going back in a little under 4 weeks for another wax with marina since Emily didn’t work that day. Truly amazing place and I say it again hidden gem! – Vanessa

-As seen on Yelp


I’m visiting from New York, and I pay top price to have services done a specific way in New York.  I wish I could take Zama Massage back with me!  It was very affordable and the service and staff were impeccable.  The receptionist suggested the “cupping” procedure to me which I wasn’t familiar with but I decided to give it a try.  It felt great!  I had a 120 minute deep tissue with Molly and it was perfect!  I felt amazing afterward and they didn’t mind that I needed a lot of water.  I already re-booked for next month with Molly.  I highly recommend this location. – Angela

– As seen on Yelp

Maria I

Definitely worth the investment! The Himalayan salt cave is a MUST! There is parking in the back which was convenient. This is the second visit and each visit was superb. Very professional and timely. Before the massage, the massage therapist will ask about injuries, areas that you want to focus on, what your expectations are. 60 minute massage went by in a blink of an eye. Will definitely need to try the 90 minute massage next time.

-As seen on Yelp

Amber H

My favorite place in town.

Highly recommend Devonie.

Facial was amazing. I can not wait for my next visit.

-As seen on Yelp

Rhonda H

My daughter bought me a full body massage for you Jared was my massage therapist let me tell you he was great he knows how to give a massage he put me to sleep took away my headache and made me feel like a noodle by the time I was done I recommend him to anybody you should give him a shot and let him work his fingers on you

– As seen on Google My Business

Peggy D

I have a hard time relaxing and my mind races so it’s unusual that I leave a spa treatment feeling this relaxed. Massage therapists and estheticians have always been a gamble for me. This time I won. The entire staff was wonderful, including the front desk. I got the Divine Spa Ritual which includes a massage, facial and pedicure. These services aren’t your go-to normal boring ones either. Kim was my masseuse and she gave me the perfect balance of a therapeutic and relaxation massage. I felt so rested afterward. Then Natashia did my facial and pedicure. She was so good, she made extractions relaxing. Not kidding. I loved it. These ladies have a magic touch. I rebooked with both of them, and that’s huge for me because my insurance covers massages elsewhere but Zama has me hooked. I haven’t been this relaxed in a very long time!

-As seen on Yelp

Tima C

Working a ton of hours, feeling stress invading every inch of your body, then make a stop quickly to Zama and have one of the best massage treatments you could have imagined!

Adding Hot Stones only added to this stress reduction! I’d tell you who did my massage but still want to be able to get into see them myself!!

-As seen on Yelp


My experience at Zama Massage was blissful! From the moment I walked in the door, I felt a wave of calm. The atmosphere is clean, peaceful and warm. Every detail from the lighting, music, decor, and the light aroma of essential oils create a sacred space for relaxation and healing.

I received a deep tissue massage from Chris, who is very skilled and addressed all of my aches and tension that I discussed with him before our session started. He found my “knots” and used a variety of techniques to encourage the muscles to let go, all while creating a very relaxing session.

I also had a facial with Vi, who did a great job at listening to my concerns about my skin and gave me some helpful suggestions for skin care. I love that Zama uses organic skin care. As someone with sensitive skin, and in the past has broken out after a facial, this facial left my skin calm and glowing.

I deeply appreciate all of the attention given to me as an individual to create a truly unique and nurturing experience.

I’ll be back next time I’m in Portland! Thank you Zama Massage Spa! – Michele

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Stephanie H.

“I had heard about this place having the only Halotherapy salt caves in Oregon so I had to give it a try! The receptionist was warm and welcoming explaining everything I needed to know about what I was about to experience also offered the most delicious tea. The pictures can’t even do it justice! These Halotherapy rooms are so magical with warm plush blankets and reclining chairs! A great way to end your massage. After a long work week it’s the perfect way to unwind. Will be back  thanks again!” – As seen on Yelp


I can only speak to the several facials I have received at Zama (not a massage). However, they have been the best facials ever! I have acne prone skin, and I have had a very difficult time finding an esthetician that understands my skin. Jen got my skin right away. She not only has done excellent jobs on my skin, but the massage portion of my facial have been significantly better than any other facials I have received… and there have been a lot.

I absolutely love the products that were recommended, which have only aided in my skin improving at home. I have recently moved out of the Portland area, and I only hope I can find an as great place for facials in my new home.- Sarah

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Brigitte W

So this was my first time here last week and I had the Head to Toe facial which was done by Natasha. Loved every minute of my experience from walk in where I was greeted in such a warm friendly manner and offered a yummy hot tea to relaxing for over an hour with Natasha for a great anti-aging facial. My skin glowed and I felt so good that I promptly booked a pedicure and massage for this week. They also have wonderful products and I purchased some of those as well. Very nice, keep up the great work!!

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Maxene A.

“Zama is my go-to spot for last minute massage. why last minute? because, when was the last time you planned to have a tensed up set of shoulders and tight quads? I certainly never plan on it, so with that said Zama has been the place I have had tons of luck with calling-in for a same-day or even a weekend appointment and having luck.

service:]I love the variety of massage offered here at Zama from therapist’s specializing in pre-natal massage to thai, and ashiatsu massages. They even offer massages with their halo therapy room and add-on’s like cupping, hot towel, stone, and aromatheraphy. Zama Massage offers everything to satisfy one’s massage needs and I have had nothing but the best service and care here.

my recent visits:] I had a customized massage with Eli, she was so fun to talk with, instead of the typical massage banter we were able to connect throughout my entire session, she’s someone I will be going back to, plus her schedule is one that offers massage later into the evening (A plus). Robin had given me a 10 minute ashiatsu massage during a recent yelp event at Zama and she was really able to dig deep into my glutes (my favorite kind of pain), Robin is another massage gem like Eli. Go to Zama, you’ll get your muscles relaxed into a river of gravy when your done.” – As seen on Yelp

Megan D

I was given a spa package (the divine ritual) as a postpartum gift from some very dear friends. I was able to book my services online without being charged (just asked for a cc number in case of late cancellation fee). They not only sent a reminder text a few days before my service, but also called at the 24-hour mark to make sure I was coming so that I wouldn’t be charged the fee mentioned above. All 3 treatments I received were exceptional: the Swedish massage was relaxing and heat pads/heated table helped my sore muscles soften right up! The pedicure was awesome and the lady doing it was cheerful and wonderful to chat with. My absolute favorite was the facial! I left with my body relaxed and a glowing fresh face. Thank you Zama for the wonderful work you do!

-As seen on Yelp

Paul P

Front staff is absolutely amazing.  I was greeted with professionalism and genuine care.  This was my first ‘cupping’ massage and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  I will continue frequenting the spa.

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Best deep tissue massages in Portland! I promise that if you ask for a deep tissue massage, you will receive a great massage. The owners are outstanding and really work to make the entire experience a personal and relaxed one.
I was also lucky enough to experience Zama’s new offering; the thermal wrap for detoxing. It was amazing and though I wasn’t looking for weight loss, ended up losing body fat during the 45min session! Real cool.
The Zama team is great and there 60 min massage packages are very affordable! – Ramzy

– As seen on Yelp

Marika T.

“I am so happy to have spent my 41st birthday at Zama. It was such a sweet experience filled with so many great surprises.

I started my experience in the salt caves. This was a highlight for sure. While all I did was just lay there, the feeling of the salt air took me over. I deeply relaxed and breathed deeply. That experience alone was deeply rejuvenating.

Next was a massage in one of the salt rooms with Semaj, who was fantastic. Her presence was truly enjoyable and touch the right combination of deep and relaxing. Her scalp massage ruled!

I then received my first hydrafacial which feels like a half hour of kitten kisses and puppy licks on my face. My skin felt sooooooo much better and I was astounded to see what came out of my pours. I can definitely see why the hydra facial would be great to do monthly. Abby was definitely kind, fun, and professional.

Finally, my signature pedicure ruled! Marey cleaned up my feet methodically while delighting me with her vintage Portland stories and insight on what my toenail fungus is all about- both on scientifically and emotionally. I love that kind of stuff. Since it was my birthday I got a free add on, which was a natural essential oil foot soak in shea butter- or something of the like. Days later, my feet are still super soft and manicured. The polish is bomber too- thick, clean, and shiny!

Did you know Zama has parking? No need to rush to your appointment because there is parking right behind the Zama building.

I loved all the “staging” rooms to- it was easy to relax and enjoy the company of my friends who joined me for the city day spa excursion. Zama is definitely a class act joint! One more thing~ the staff all seemed really happy to serve and work their jobs which adds to overall good feeling that comes when pampering.

Thank you Zama!” – As seen on Yelp


I was going on vacation to Hawaii and decided I needed a pedicure even though I had never had one before. Through a Google search, I found that Zama offered nail services and booked an appointment because I had had two great massages there. It was a wonderful experience! Jordan who did the pedicure was personable, easy to talk with and knew her stuff. There’s a small sunroom in the back of the building set up for the task at hand (at foot?). Two weeks later and my feet and nails still look great! The receptionist was very friendly and there was even a discount for the month of April. Hope more people find out about their other services besides massage. Highly recommended! – John

-As seen on Yelp

Maria F

My facial with Iman was one of the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many)! She truly listened to my concerns and customized a treatment that was exactly what I needed. The Eminence products were perfect for my sensitive skin. The 60-minute organic facial also included a head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and foot massage. It’s been 3 days and my face is still glowing and feels smoother than it ever has before.

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Jodie R.

“Went to Zama with a group of fun-loving friends to unwind after a beautiful wedding…. We had the best time! The staff at Zama went out of their way to ensure our morning went perfectly. We compared notes after and all the girls gave their Zama experience 5 stars. I had a leg massage (“ashiatsu”) and I highly recommend it. I suffer with chronic pain from a failed neck surgery and my masseuse was so knowledgeable on the subject and health, in general. As it turns out, she massages quadriplegics and really knows her stuff!!! Plan to go again (and again!) to try the salt cave. Thanks, Zama, for your tranquil environment and wonderful people!!” – As seen on Yelp

Thomas M

My experience at Zama has always been extraordinary. I have been getting deep tissue work done with Brittany for several years and she is the poster child of professionalism and excellence. I can think of no one person, nor business, that deserves a five star rating more.

-As seen on Google My Business


Brittany is the BEST LMT I have ever had the privilege to work with. Knowledgeable and a skilled technician. Always feel like a million bucks leaving Zama!

Scheduling and reception is always respectful and courteous.

-As seen on Yelp

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